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WandaVision Season 1 Episode 7 Story & review

The story Of WandaVision start where episode 6 left means full with a lot of suspense & the story now moves in Morden sitcom where Wanda with her son & vision still missing. Before episode 6 Wanda makes the reality circle bigger & now the circle turns into a HEX shape. Because of her extra use of power she now tries to rest her eyes. But one the other way Vision meets Darcy Lewis & relief her from wands reality. So they both try to find out the way out & They also talk about who made vison or few things.

Disneyplus Hotstar WandaVision season 1 series
Disney plus Hotstar WandaVision season 1 series

Monica who tries to make something that can safely transport her into Wanda’s reality also finds out that the SWORD looking for a Vision’s body. They have nothing to do with Wanda so Monica decides to talk to Wanda about that. But her gadget can’t transfer her into Wanda’s reality so she tries to pass it physically. When she tries to pass the reality Monica unlocks her power & with her power, she is surprised then she looking for Wanda’s house. Soon she finds Wanda but she is not ready to talk so she throws her away outside the door.

Then Monica lands a superhero landing with her new power that makes Wanda surprise. But Wanda tries to attack her the Monica tries to talk to her & at that moment Agnes came & brings Wanda back to the house. But the main surprise at the end where Wanda asked Agnes about her son. Agnes told her they are in the basement to she looking for them then Wanda realizes it’s not a normal basement because the basement full of magic. In the end, Agnes revealed that she is a magical witch.

Disneyplus Hotstar WandaVision season 1 series
Disneyplus Hotstar WandaVision season 1 series


The story of Episode 7 is good but it’s not the end. In the end, we have a lot of questions like where is the twins, why Agnes doing this, How SWORD attaches Wanda & many more. So stay with the Wanda vision series. Watch WandaVision Episode 7 Online on Disney plus. Also WandaVision Episode 7 fully available in Hotstar Disney plus. The new episode 8 will be available online on Disney plus 26 February 2021.

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