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Hotspot Matrimony Web Series ON ULLU
Hotspot Matrimony Web Series ON ULLU

Hotspot Matrimony is the new Web series that release online on ULLU 28 December 2021. This is Drama Romantic series based on 18+ adult stories. This series is directed by J B & Jaya Pandey, Gultesham Khan, Ajay Patel starring in the lead character role. The story of Hotspot Matrimony season 1 starts with a girl Ginni, who is very beautiful & looking for an ideal man. Other than His parents Worried about their Ginni’s marriage.

Hotspot Matrimony Web Series ON ULLU
Hotspot Matrimony Web Series ON ULLU

So her parents ask her to make a profile on a marriage website, so Ginni makes a profile on a matrimony site. Ginni then meets Prabhat & he also looking for a girl in matrimony site. Both are very interesting people & Prabhat to be a nice guy. After a few meetups, Ginni falls for him. They start spending time together. Then Prabhat invited her to his place where Prabhat trick her to sleep with him.

Ginni is in love & she thinks that Prabhat loves her as well so she did what he want. Then everything looks fin until Prabhat asks for money. He reveals his true colors by blackmailing her for money. Ginni’s full life change because of her private photo & video in Prabhat phone. It’s drama romantic series, full of fun, comedy, romantic scene, 18+ scene. All episodes of Hotspot Matrimony starring on ULLU App (available on the play store & App store)

Hotspot “Matrimony” Web Series:

  • Directed: J B
  • Streaming: UllU
  • Languages: Hindi
  • Genres: Drama, Romance
  • Released Date: 28 December 2021
  • Stars: Jaya Pandey, Gultesham Khan, Ajay Patel, Meenu Sharma