Which She-Hulk Episode Daredevil Will Appear | She-Hulk Disney Plus Web Series

She-Hulk Disney Plus: After Moon knight & I Am Groot marvel came with another web series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. She-Hulk’s first episode was released on 18 August 2022 & it was the most amazing episode. It was too good that I was 3 times & it was really perfect. In this episode, marvel covers the origin story of She-Hulk.

How an accident with his cousin Banner turns a lawyer Jennifer into a green superhero. Then in the 2nd episode, she finds out everybody called her She-Hulk. Also, She-Hulk’s first & second episodes also hit everyone that marvel planning some things for Hulk. Because at the end of episode 2 Hulk going to Sakar.

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So we might see Hulk’s solo movie in 2023 or 2024. Recently Marvel recover the Hulk movie distributed right from the universal studio. So now marvel can do anything with hulk & there is a rumor that Marvel’s big project World Breaker Hulk film is in post-production. Another upcoming web series lead character also appears in She-Hulk which is Daredevil.

Let’s talk about it,

Which Episode Charlie Cox Daredevil Appear In She-Hulk

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Before the She-Hulk season, 1 release marvel president confirms that Daredevil will play an important role in the She-Hulk web series. Charlie Cox Daredevil first appears in Spider-Man No way Home. Then people expect a web series about Netflix Daredevil. So marvel also revealed that they are working on a project called Daredevil: Born Again starring Charlie Cox in the lead role.

So Charlie Cox Daredevil is confirmed in the MCU but what about Daredevil appearing in She-Hulk? Which episode she hulk will appear in? She-Hulk will be 9 episode web series & She-Hulk writer planning a big fight in episode 9. Now hulk is out of reach so I think Daredevil will help she hulk at the final battle. But we can expect Daredevil small appear in episode 4 or episode 5.

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