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10 Dark Secrets About Brie Larson, Captain Marvel Or Carol Danvers

10 Dark Secrets About Brie Larson, Captain Marvel Or Carol Danvers
Marvel Sudio: Brie Larson, Captain Marvel Or Carol Danvers

Captain Marvel getting her own movie it is really changing the game from women-led superhero movies. Remember years ago when Marvel studio execs thought no one would go see a black widow movie because a female hero couldn’t drive an entire film or even action figure sales laughable. While there’s still work to be put in lady LED superhero movies are becoming major blockbusters. And now Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel will be added to the prestigious lineup of kick-ass superheroine stories. So to prepare for Brie Larson as Captain Marvel’s first appearance in MCU Avengers: Endgame movie. why not learn everything about her here is the untold truth about Captain Marvel or Brie Larson.

Brie Larson is Captain Marvel

This character cast late in the summer of 2016. Actress and singer Brie Larson was set to play Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers. He may recognize Larson from her other movies such as 21 Jump Street and Scott Pilgrim vs. the world.

we’re sure that Brie can do justice to the source material. And she will have awesome directions seeing that the film is co-directed by Anna Boden and has six women credited to the screenplay it feels like the movie is in good hands.

Taking the Captain Marvel title you may be surprised to learn that Carol Danvers is not the original Captain Marvel. In fact, she’s far from it. A lot of badass people showed her the superhero robes before she took on Captain Marvel named herself.

Captain Marvel was first introduced way back in the 1970s in Marvel superheroes number 12. As Marvel a member of the alien race Kree who was sent to spy on earth. See if humans were a threat or not. After he became sympathetic to Earth’s inhabitants. He became the hero, Captain Marvel.

She Fights More Than Just Supervillains

Sure Carol Danvers has superpowers and uses them to kick major butt. But crime and supervillains aren’t the only things she’s fighting. She fought for equal payback in the Miss Marvel Comics against none other than Marvel’s most stubborn editor-in-chief Jay Jonah Jameson of The Daily Bugle.

Before that, she’s completed training at an air force academy. After that, she was recruited into the CIA and it would be there that she’d meet Nick Fury and everyone’s favorite loner Logan. After being briefly imprisoned by the KGB she took a job at NASA as a security director.

It was during this time that she met the first Captain Marvel. Marvel and Marvel superheroes and then after NASA, she found a job at the Daily Bugle as an editor for women magazine. But she had quit the job.

She’s Actually An Alien Hybrid

Like, we mentioned before Carol Danvers was the security chief at NASA. When she first ran into the original Captain Marvel who was the alien. Marvel, he impersonated a doctor who died and route to where she was stationed only to later be attacked by a villain named Jaan Raghav.

Captain Marvel number 18 during that fight a Kree device called the Kree psyche Magneton exploded catching Danvers in its energy. Then somehow melding her physiology with out of Marvel’s creating a Kree human hybrid. Within the oblivious Carol Danvers thus she developed her powers becoming incredibly strong, fast and durable.

She could also fly and use limited precognitive abilities. However, it wasn’t just her DNA that changed captain Marvel’s knowledge and skills. She had also been granted to her including being able to fight just like a Kree warrior.

Miss Marvel Before She Become Captain Marvel

You may have heard Carol Danvers being referred to as miss marvel and captain marvel. But don’t get confused she’s the same person as you recall. She got her powers from the Kree Marvelle. She decided to take the name of the alien who gave her such powers take that – out and you’ve got Marvel. Thus the name misses Marvel still with us great as Miss Marvel.

Carole was first shown taking on the scorpion and Miss Marvel number one and she whipped him. So more easily than spider-man web-slinger was actually someone who would soon find herself fighting alongside more frequently. Especially when she was invited in temporarily to join the Avengers and Avengers number 183 (Comic).

Despite being a match for any of and definitely proving herself to be a valuable member of the team. She didn’t remain with the Avengers for long. although there was a point when she returned and even ended up leading them as per Tony Stark’s requests.

Also Mighty Avengers number one in the aftermath of the Civil War story arc miss Marvel would continue fighting for the new Avengers. She even went against the x-men when the Phoenix force made its way to earth in the Avengers vs. x-men story arc. so let’s just say there were a lot of heroic victories.

Thanks to her another important point in Miss Marvel’s history is when she faced off against the x-men mutant Rogue. When Rogue used her power absorbing ability on Carole. She accidentally absorbed too much of Carole’s persona and permanently drained. Miss Marvel’s memories and powers thankfullyProfessor Xavier was able to restore Carroll’smind and abilities.

Marvel’s Unique Origins Story

Miss Marvel’s unique origins the blast from the psyche magneton was powerful enough to kill both yawn rogue and stun even the powerful Marvel. So it’s no wonder that a mere human like Carol Danvers would suffer some form of trauma from being hit by the blast. As well she started having the occasional blackout whenever danger near little did she know that during those blackouts she would actually transform into the formidable creature.

Miss Marvel flying across the sky in a costume given to her by the psyche magnet.
She was kicking butt and didn’t even know it over time Carol Danvers would discover how powerful she really was.
Miss Marvel and Carol would become one and the same.
Thanks to Ronan the accuser who probed her fragmented mind is Miss Marvel number 19 while trying to rid the earth of runaway creep.

Brie Larson More Than One Superhero

Carol Danvers already has her long list of cool superpowers. She also gained several power sets over the years and with them, new alter egos. These weren’t always received by choice though like when she was known as binary Carol Danvers became the powerful binary. After an adventure with the x-men resulted in Miss Marvel being experimented on in uncanny x-men number 163 by the brood an alien race by tapping into the strange force known as a white hole. She could generate the power of a star which increased her strength and speed’

As well as granted her the ability to control heat light and gravity more cool powers. To add to her ever-growing list after her connection to the white hole energy was severed. She retained some of her newer powers but only kinda she abandoned binary and took on the name warbird. (Through Comic Issues In The 90s And On Through The 2000s)

Something that made Carol even more complex and honestly relatable was her seeing her struggles in her civilian life. Every superhero has their demons but hers were especially heavy and intense. She wrestled with the many past crises including the emotional emptiness. Marvel felt after losing part of her identity as well as all the traumatic events leading up to it.

She eventually would turn to alcohol and her drinking almost caused her to endanger a plane filled with passengers this situation gave her the wake-up call. She needed to get her life back in order to attend a meeting and confronting her inner demons.

We still don’t know if Marvel intends to sew this part of Carol’s story in the movie. But we think it would be a great idea to showcase her weakness and her emotional strength. Instead of just her physical sorry captain won’t kill you but it ain’t gonna tickle either.

Captain Marvel Relationship With War Machine

She got a BF well kinda. We aren’t sure if we will see this in the movie but Carol Danvers & Rohde AKA war machine aka James Rupert Rhodes aka Iron Man’s BFF. The low-key relationships starting in 2014’s Captain Marvel number one. This lasted quite a while seem to be heading somewhere until Rody met his unfortunate end. In Civil War 2 could we see something akin to that in the upcoming films when Captain Marley meets the Avengers.

There’s a lot of potentials here in regards to drama in the possible twists. We could see on film while Rody and Danvers obviously enjoy each other’s company. Danvers and stark roadies best friend don’t get along quite as well or at least in the comics. Which we can bet would make for some malarious dialogue and Tony Stark quips in the film.

Major Comic Controversy

As you can probably tell Captain Marvel is a feminist icon for many reasons. But our existence in the Marvel comic book realm has spurred major controversy as well and Avengers number 200. Miss Marvel who was with the Avengers at the time became pregnant gave birth and raised a child all in the span of a few days. Her child would be named Marcus the son of immortus. Immortus who brainwashed and impregnated her also he could reincarnate himself he planned on influencing Carol Danvers emotions to force her to love him.

So she would return with him to his universe called limbo to talk about creepy. Her son Marcus would die when they reached limbo though as his accelerated healing made him rapidly aged to the point he turned to death and ash Carol then returned to earth regained her memories and shunned the Avengers rightly.

So in Avengers annual number 10 because of the horrifying assault to Captain Marvel. This storyline was criticized by many including comic books. Historian Carol a Strickland who wrote an essay devoted to the controversial story okay back off you’re scaring me a little.

Brie Larson aka Carol was almost on Jessica Jones

She was almost on Jessica Jones for fans of the Netflix series. Jessica Jones may recognize a few of Carol Danvers characteristics in Jones’s adoptive sister and best friend Trish Walker. That’s likely because the character of Trish was introduced to replace Carol Danvers.

Who in the comics is one of a few close friends Jessica Jones has during the switch from ABC to Netflix? While the series was still in its early phases the character of Carol Danvers was set to seem in her own film.

That, in fact, meant that a preceding look within the Netflix original series would be impossible poor planning may be showrunner Melissa Rosenberg stated. That in the end, Trish was much more appropriate for Jessica Jones as her powers don’t match or surpass Jones which all worked out in the end. Not to mention Carol Danvers has bigger fish to fry in our upcoming films Captain Marvel 2.


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