Black Widow upcoming marvel 2020 film that released in May and released in India April. But now marvel released a trailer. and the first thing I want to tell about this trailer. Finally, it’s here. This is an awesome trailer, The character looks so nice and the black widow new suit is awesome red and the light color combination also red Guardian suit also awesome. Film VFX work pretty well. Marvel’s last two film avengers infinity war and endgame both based on dark tone but black widow not. so it’s a good thing. Overall the best trailer this month.

This is a superhero action fantasy film starring Scarlett Johansson in the lead role. After Black Widow’s death in avengers endgame. she sacrificed herself for soul stone. So everyone thinks that she might be rebonded or alive again.  But the film trailer revealed everything that film story placed in the past.

In the trailer, we also noticed that the Civil war General looking for Natasha. Means this story maybe continue after the civil war after Captain and Iron Man fight. But in trailer Natasha has her own mission. we don’t know why he tries to find other live black widows members. But we saw that she find two black widows.

Black widow trailer also revealed that she is not the only black widow. There are more blank widows out there. But most of them are dead by shield, hydra or others. Still, there are few alive and Natasha find two of them. This two-character play by Rachel Weisz & Florence Pugh. Also there friend Red Guardian still alive & one thing I like about this character he is funny and looks like another fat thor. This character play by David Harbour. He is also popular for his Netflix stranger things role Hopper.

Film features a lot of acting. But we all know that marvel film always knows for his unique story. This film also starring Robert Downey Jr. Film story placed in the past so Iron man also in this film as a small appearance. Many marvel fans thaught that there will be a fight between iron man or black widow but we don’t think so. Because After the fight with Captain, Tony Stark believed that his mother and father’s death was an accident.

In the trailer, we saw General looking for Natasha & I think Tony maybe help Natasha. Because still, both are friends. We hope we also see Haykay in black widow film. Film may also reveal how Captain removes all his team members at the special jail. We also think Natasha also helps Captain that’s why general looking for Natasha. Or he may be looking for Natasha because she cheats others and helps Captain.

Black Widow 2020 Official Final Trailer