Netflix Bard Of Blood Trailer Released and a battle video Between SRK and Emraan Hashmi
Netflix Bard Of Blood Trailer and a battle video Between SRK and Emraan Hashmi

Bard of blood a type of Spy thriller web series and this series continue on Netflix India with star Emraan Hashmi in the lead role. This time Netflix Bard Of Blood Series Produced by SRK Red Chillies Entertainment company. A few hours ago Netflix shares a video clip on Instagram where Bard of blood lead cast Emraan Hashmi and producer Shah Rukh Khan promote Bard of blood series. The promotion video was so funny and they actually introduce Emraan Hashmi’s character how mush he intelligence how he works and what kind of spy he is.

Netflix also mentions that this video all about the best actor vs best spy. This video starts with a funny way SRK first introduces himself as SRK, Don, Badsha. Then he asks a lot of funny questions about Emraan Hashmi’s character what his name and why his name is so funny. Then a lot of funny things happen and this scene reminds me Now you see me film series. Where Four Horsemen plays Games with FBI agents in the interrogation room. This time Netflix introduces Emraan Hashmi is Kabir Anand his ability to how he works and why he is so special.

Upcoming Bard Of Blood series trailer also Incredibles this time trailer introduces Bard of Blood full team Sobhita Dhulipala, Kirti Khulhari, Vineet Kumar. Bard of blood will be a very difficult Indian web series. Bard of blood available on Netflix with different languages Hindi, Urdu, and English. This series basically based on the Indian intelligence officer rescue mission. Recently Indian web series creates a lot of impression and people like Indian web series. Netflix Bard Of Blood premiere date on 27 September 2019. And watch Bard of blood web series trailer Now.