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What If Season 1 Episode 9 Story Review | Marvel What If Episode 9 On Hotstar Disney Plus

Marvel What If Season 1 Episode 7 On Disney Plus Hotstar
Marvel What If On Disney Plus Hotstar

What If Season 1 Episode 9 Story Review

The final episode of the Marvel Animated series What If Episode 9 is available on Disney Plus on 6 October 2021. This last episode ends the marvel animated What if Season 1. We see a lot of different alternate realities where the villain wins, the hero’s losses, the villain became a friend, the hero became a villain, avengers death. This all happens because of the small change in reality that creates a whole new universe where things are different from the original timeline.

The great Watch sees all this reality & observer but he never interferes. But this time he interfere because this time marvel multiverse was treated by Ultron. In What if episode 8 Ultron destroys everything in his universe using infinity stone. He became very powerful that he easily notice Watch. Then Ultron realizes that there are infinite universe & they need his help. He tries to kill Watcher because he is very powerful & a big threat.

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The watcher & Ultron fight destroy reality & in the end, Ultron almost wins but Watcher runs for some help. Watcher tries to bring superheroes & some powerful characters who can fight with Ultron to save their universe. Heart Brocken but very powerful Doctor stranger, Party Thor, Star-Lord, Captain Carter, Gamora, Spiderman, Black Widow join this multiversal war with Watcher. What if episode 9 features watch interfere & fight alongside this super to stop Ultron.

This is the most important episode in the What If series. It’s like marvel’s first Avengers film where Nick Fury brings Iron Man, Thor, Captain, Hulk, Hawkeye, Widow together & they fight against Loki. But this time Watcher bring superhero from different universe then they fight Infinity Ultron & save the multiverse. So Watch Marvel What If Episode 9 online on Disney Plus Hotstar 6 October 2021.

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