What If Season 1 Episode 8 Story Review | Marvel What If Episode 8 On Hotstar Disney Plus

What If Season 1 Episode 8 Story Review

Marvel animated series What If episode 8 arrive online on Disney plus Hotstar Wednesday 29 September 2021. The first season of What if show almost at the end & only left 2 more episodes & that will be episode 9 & episode 10. After watching all marvel alternate timelines & explore the universe it looks like the original timeline is better. Heros from the original timeline get worst in this alternate timeline where Evil Doctor Strange Win, Party Thor worst thor ever, Iron Man, Black Panther & Hulk death.

Marvel What If Season 1 Episode 7 On Disney Plus Hotstar
Marvel What If Episode 7 On Disney Plus Hotstar

Now at the end of episode 7 where thor was ready to leave the Earth, then he saw a robot with six infinity stones & he is Ultron in using vision body. Also, he manages to build a device that helps him to travel to different alternate universes. After watching Ultron that powerful The Watch was also shocked. In the original timeline, Ultron was defeated by Avengers & Vision then recreate by Tony Stark. Most of the alternative timeline Ultron somehow defeated.

Watch What If Episode 8 On Disney Plus Hotstar
Download What If Episode 8 On Disney Plus Hotstar

But somewhere in the alternate universe Ultron successfully destroys the Avengers so how did this happen. In Marvel original timeline Captain America, Black Widow & Hawkeye tries to stop Ultron transfer himself into Vision’s body. But In this timeline, Ultron successfully transfers himself to Vision that there is no one left to stop him. Using the mind stone Ultron killed or mind-control every superhero or normal person. Then he using the Vibranium & stark tech to create an Ultron army so they can fight for him.

Disney Plus Hotstar What If Episode 1
Disney Plus Hotstar What If Episode 1

When Thanos came to earth to collect the stone Ultron probably defeat Thanos & his army & take the rest infinity stone & became the infinity Ultron. Now he travels alternate timeline to take over the earth & Watcher then collect superhero from an alternate timeline to fight against Ultron. So Party Thor, Captain Marvel, Captain Carter, Gamora, Star-Lord, Evil Doctor Strange, Spiderman team up to fight Infinity Ultron. What if episodes 8, 9 & 10 continue the story of Ultron vs the rest of the superheroes. Watch Marvel’s latest What If Episode 8 on Disney Plus Hotstar.

Marvel What If Season 1 Episode 8 Leaked For Download On The123movies Tamilrockers

Marvel What IF Series
Marvel What IF Series

The 8th episode of the What If series is now available on pirated sites. Pirated The123moveis Tamilrockers 9xmovies leaked What If season 1 episode 8 online for download. What If episode 8 Hindi Watch & download on Tamilrockers. What If episode 8 Download 480p 720p on 9xmoveis. Recently What If season 1 episode 8 Hindi Download 480p 720p on Filmywap Filmyzilla site founded. People Watch What If episode 8 online on The123movies in full HD. The series is officially available on Disney plus & Hotstar. So only watch the latest episode of What If season 1 episode 8 on Disney plus Hotstar.

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