What If Season 1 Episode 1 Story Review | Marvel What If Episode 1 On Hotstar Disney Plus

What If Season 1 Episode 1 Story Review

The 1st episode of the Marvel What If series tells the story of alternate reality where a simple change creates a new timeline. The story is the same as the first Captain America film where Steve Rogers is ready to take the supersoldier serum. He is with Peggy Carter, Haward Stark & Dr. Abraham Erskine. In the original timeline when Dr. Abraham Erskine told Peggy to leave the room & stay with others & she also did the same. But in this timeline, Peggy Carter stays with Steve & all of a sudden one of the Hydra agent attack kill Dr. Abraham Erskine as well as shoot Steve.

So Peggy Carter decided to take the serum & she became Captain Carter. After several missions, Peggy manages to take the Space stone from Hydra. In the original timeline, The space stone was always in the hand of Hydra but in this timeline, Peggy Carter took the Space stone & give it to Stark. Now the help of great Space stone Stark manages to make an iron man suit & stark gave it to steve. He always wants to fight with his country so Stark hands over the suit to steve to fight for his country.

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Peggy Carter, Steve with his suit, Bucky, Stark & other soldiers at last attack the red skull to end the war. But before they attack them Red Skul brings a monster to conquer the world. In the end, Peggy decided to push the monster to the portal so that this all stop & she did it. But the portal transfers her to the new world where she saw neck fury & Hawkey. They told her the war was ended a long time ago they win the war & most of her friends Steve, Stark, Bucky was dead too.

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