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Marvel Studios’ What If’ Official Trailer ” A whole New Marvel Universe With New Face New Avengers”

Marvel What IF Series
Marvel What IF Series

Marvel’s very own Animated series first official trailer is here. What if is the upcoming marvel project where marvel tries to do something different with their marvel universe. They want to show us many different possibilities by the story of what if series. What If series shows each individual superhero differed & alternate version. like what if Steve Rogers’s lover Peggy Carter becomes Captain America. What if Tony Stark never kidnapped by ten rings so he may never become the Iron Man.

Marvel What IF Series

Marvel what to show us more stories like this. A whole new superhero universe with a lot of action fun & drama. This site features Peter Quil, Doctor stranger, Tony stark, Zombie Iron man, Zombie Captain America, Watcher, Vision, Wanda, Suri, Spiderman, Erik Killmonger, Gamora, Drax, Thor, Loki & other marvel characters.

The official trailer of the What If series start with the Marvel movie universe’s most famous scenes. Where iron man attack by ten rings. It reminded us First Iron Man film. In What If instead of Tony stark kidnapped by Ten Ring, he rescues by the Erik Killmonger character. Then the Doctor Stranger magical sense, Black panther as Peter Quil, Gamora with Thanos two-bladed sword, Peggy Carter as Captain America. Look like the What If series amazing & after watch marvel’s original superhero for a long time. It seems ok to watch something new In MCU.

Watch What If Marvel Animated series Official trailer:

What If Series Release Date, Director, Cast, Where to Watch & Latest News

Name: What IF

Genres: Action, Adventure, Animation

Animator: Stephan Franck

Production companies: Marvel Studios, Squeeze, Flying Bark Productions

Based on: What If…? by Marvel Comics

Release Date: August 11, 2021