She Hulk Episode 2 Story & Review | Marvel She-Hulk Episode 2 On Hotstar Disney Plus

She-Hulk Episode 2 Story & Review

The 2nd episode of She-Hulk gives us a promising episode we all want so far. Although the first episode was very good from my perspective. In the previous episode, because of the car accident, bruce’s blood turns Jennifer Walters into a green monster. At first, we thought that Jennifer Walters’s She hulk will be different from Jennifer’s. Then Bruch trains her on how to control her power.

But at the start of this episode, Jennifer revealed that she didn’t have any AlterEgo. This makes bruce jealous then he told Jennifer that even if she controls her hulk version doesn’t mean everything ok. If she can’t control her power people will get hurt one day then Jennifer never forgives herself. So Jennifer decided to learn from Bruce.

Marvel She Hulk Season 1
Marvel She Hulk Season 1
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Then a few funny training scenes, a little reference to tony stark about how he helped bruce build this lab. Then She-Hulk vs Hulk fight scene makes hulk fans disappointed but if you think then it’s just a fight between cousins brother sister. Hulk is far more powerful than she hulk & Hulk easily beat her or maybe kill her if he wants.

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Then they both realize that they are just west their time so Bruce told Jennifer that she needs to go to her normal life. But if she needs her help she knows where to come. I like the first episode of she hulk & episode 2 is also very good. It’s funny, full of drama, comedy & action. You can’t blink too long when you watch this episode. Many people find it slow but I found its character development.

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She hulk episode 2 now features on Disney plus Hotstar & you can watch online, Also you can downlaod She-Hulk Episode 2 Hindi English On Disney Plus Hotstar. Until She hulk episode 3 is released online, you can check she hulk episode 1 as well as other marvel web series Moon Knight, What If, Loki & more. You can enjoy other marvel movies on Disney plus too.

Marvel She Hulk Season 1
Marvel She Hulk Season 1

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