Today I am sharing some adventure movies that I love and this movie recently streaming on Netflix. When you are looking for some adventure type movie then this list will help you.

Going on a school trip in the jungle, mountain climbing, House riding, etc are the normal adventure that every people think and every adventure is an exciting experience. Adventure some type of risky undertaking but people always take that risk to experience this feeling. In Hollywood adventure movie is different. We love to see the jungle book type adventure movie. Mission impossible type adventure movies. And superhero adventure film. In 2019 Superhero film is very popular because of there sci-fi that makes their movie more stunning.

In our list, we put some superhero film some Mysterious Jungle type film some action spy type film. There is also a lot of good action movie out there but those are not available on Netflix. But we find these 15 best action-adventure movies available on Netflix right now.

“15 Popular Adventure & Action Movies Streaming On Netflix Right Now”


  1. Thor Ragnarok
  2. Mission Impossible Rogue Nation
  3. Snowpiercer
  4. The Amazing Spiderman 2
  5. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
  6. Tropic Thunder (2008)
  7. xXx The Return Of Xander Cage
  8. Man of Steel
  9. Mechanic Resurrection
  10. King Kong
  11. Robin Hood
  12. Revenge
  13. The Last Samurai
  14. The Bourne Legacy
  15. Snitch

“Best Adventure Action movies On Netflix Right Now”

Thor Ragnarok (2017):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 10min | Language: English, Hindi | Director: Taika Waititi | Box office: 854 million USD | Budget: 180 million USD | Available: Netflix, Amazon

Short Story Review: Thor Ragnarok is a riveting movie that features a lot more than our expectations. This is a pretty adventurous film like Guardians of the galaxy. Destroying Hammer, Travel in space, Flying ships, meet some new aline friends, fighting with hulk, father and son emotional sense, Loki and Thor team up, Thor and hulk chemistry and funny hilarious jokes. That’s all new in thor film because we didn’t see all this think in the previous Thor series. And the main part of this film thor haircut and this new look finally god of thunder gets a new haircut.

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (2015):

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Starring Tom Cruise (Paramount Pictures)

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 11min | Language: English, Hindi | Director: Christopher McQuarrie | Box office: 682.7 million USD | Budget: 150 million USD | Genres: US Movies, Action & AdventureAction Thrillers, Blockbuster Action & Adventure, Adventures | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: Full action-packed film. Mission Impossible Rogue Nation the same as other mission impossible series I am not talking about the story is the same. I am talking about the plot. It’s is always the same Every time they face a new threat and try to solve it. In Rogue Nation, the plot might be the same but the story of this film very good. it’s a Unique story where Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) faces a new threat it called Syndicate. It’s a great action-adventure film. I love mission impossible series because of its stunts action and adventure.

Snowpiercer (2013):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 6min | Language: English | Director: Bong Joon-ho | Box office: 86.8 million USD | Budget: 40 million USD | Genres: Korean Movies, Action & Adventure, Thrillers-Action, Sci-Fi ThrillersFuturistic Sci-Fi, Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: This film is a great band beautifully blends and interesting plot with a mature theme. This is an Underrated Dark and violent film. And you guys like this film. Chris Evans did a great job in this film. First time I watch this film because of Evans. I really and enjoy this film.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 (2014):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 22min | Language: English | Director: Marc Webb | Box office: 709 million USD | Budget: 200-293 million USD | Genres: Action & Adventure, Blockbuster Action & Adventure, Adventures, Comic Book and Superhero Movies, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Sci-Fi Adventure | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: One thing I like about a film that is a Great special effect and gorgeous Visuals effect. It’s amazing and the acting of Andrew and Emma Stone they are perfect for this role. And I don’t know why this movie gets so must hate. Compare to spiderman 3 and amazing spiderman 1 this film beat both of them. Also, the movie villain Electro and Harry Osbornthey did a great job. But I did,t like the ending of this film because of Gwen Stacy’s death very emotional moment. I hope you guys like this film.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 34min | Language: English | Director: Brad Peyton | Box office: 335.3 million USD | Budget: 79 million USD | Genres: US Movies,  Adventure, Blockbuster Action & Adventure, Adventures, youngsters & Family Movies, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Family Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fantasy Movies | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: I called this film a real jungle adventure film. discovering a new magical mysterious island it’s like a dream that every teenager thinks. This is one of the epic adventure movies. the concept Visual effect, Animation effect, The story, the whole cast is the best. this is the movie that should be watched with your family.

Tropic Thunder (2008):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 1min | Language: English | Director: Ben Stiller | Box office: 188.1 million USD | Budget: 92 million USD | Genres: Action & Adventure, Blockbuster Action & Adventure, Adventures,Sci-Fi & Fantasy, | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: I called this film a real action-adventure. Very interesting film.Funny hilarious, goofy, jungle adventure, action, funny characters Amazing film. The plot of this film or story so funny and it’s never heard, anyone. And the film cast is best. And the funny part of this film is Tom cruise dance and his acting and I don’t recognize Tom and Robert Downey Jr when I see them the first time. He both look very different.

xXx The Return Of Xander Cage (2017):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 50min | Language: English | Director:D. J. Caruso | Box office: 346.1 million USD | Budget: 85 million USD | Genres: US Movies, Action & Adventure, Adventures | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: The movie might be the quintessential Action and adventure type movie with all gadgets, guns, and girls, but it doesn’t live up to its expectations. This movie is good to watch on Netflix right now. Vin Diesel and Deepika Padukone both did great work and other co-stars also did a great job. Some cool action sense bike cheating, crazy stunts its fantastic film.

Man of Steel (2013):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 23min | Language: English | Director: Zack Snyder | Box office: 668 million USD | Budget: 225 million USD | Genres: Comic Book and Superhero Movies, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fantasy Movies, Sci-Fi Adventure, US Movies, Action & Adventure, Blockbuster Action & Adventure, Adventures, | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: This is not the best superman film but the man of steel pretty good because of its story and plot twist. From the plot to the soundtracks, everything was stunning. It’s an underrated film. Action, adventure epic fight sense awesome movie. If you are a superhero movie fan then you like this movie because it’s a whole package of action-adventure fight music intense film. But if you are not a superhero fan then I am sure you didn’t like this film. and it always happened.

Mechanic Resurrection (2016):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 39min | Language: English | Director: Dennis Gansel | Box office: 125.7 million USD | Budget: 40 million USD | Genres: US Movies, Action & Adventure, Action Thrillers, Crime Action & Adventure, Crime Movies | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: Not an adventure type film. But there are some stunts or some killing technic that Jason uses to kill some people. That technic almost like an adventure type or suspenseful. Otherhand this is a crime thriller film. So a lot of action, fight sense. You guys never bored when you watch this film. It’s a very enjoyable film if you like action or adventure.

King Kong (2005):

Film Info: Runtime: 3h 21min | Language: English | Director: Peter Jackson | Box office: 550.5 million USD | Budget: 207 million USD | Genres: Action & Adventure, Adventures, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fantasy Movies | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: This is an amazing movie in many ways. One of the most powerful and smartest legendary monsters I’ve ever seen. Jack Black did an exceptional job. It’s a shocking and emotionally powerful movie. Where Annis not afraid of King Kong in this film. He Understands the kong try to help her or protect her. And she is grateful for this protection. A t lest peter Jackson he knows how to balance action with drama and emotion.

Robin Hood (2010):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 36min | Language: English | Director: Ridley Scott | Box office: 321.7 million USD | Budget: 135 million USD | Genres: Period Pieces, Action & Adventure, Blockbuster Action & Adventure, Adventures, Dramas | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: In my opinion, Robin Hood is a very entertaining film. Great Location and epic action movie. Cinematics are amazing, Music and action sense are outstanding. This film is underrated and deserves a sequel.

Revenge (2017):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 48min | Language: English | Director: Coralie Fargeat | Box office: 692,079 USD | Budget: 2.9 million USD | Genres: French Movies, Action & Adventure, Action Thrillers, Crime Action & Adventure, Crime Movies | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: I thought the film was exceptional in its display of violence. It’s an amazing film with the best screenplay and a traumatized environment. It’s a darkly suspenseful, shocking, and disturbing film. so many enjoyable moments, sometimes violent and the film graphic is good. The funny part of the movie is she survives days with a complete hole in her stomach.

The Last Samurai (2003):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 40min | Language: English | Director: Edward Zwick | Box office: 456.8 million USD | Budget: 100 million USD | Genres: Period Pieces, Action & Adventure, Adventure, Military Action & Adventure, Adventures, Dramas, Military Dramas | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: Tom Cruise is impressive in this film and this film different. Story of this film Emotional heart touching. This film takes part in old samurai who live in the jungle or mountain. I love this film Music it’s amazing. Epic battle sense. Tom Cruise works something different in this film. The Last Samurai Is truly an epic action drama film.

The Bourne Legacy (2012):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 15min | Language: English | Director: Tony Gilroy | Box office: 276.1 million USD | Budget: 125 million USD | Genres: Movies based on Books, Action & Adventure, Action Thrillers, Blockbuster Action & Adventure, Adventures, Crime Action & Adventure, Crime Movies | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: This is a suspenseful mystery movie. Not the best movie, Sometimes it makes your board. I like Jeremy Renner and think that he can carry this movie on his own. But honestly, he can’t carry this film. Also, Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton are great but they couldn’t save this film. We expect more for this film. But its a good action movie. And still, This film is the best movie of Bourne Series.

Snitch (2013):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 52min | Language: English | Director: Ric Roman Waugh | Box office: 57.9 million USD | Budget: 35 million USD | Genres: Crime Action & Adventure, Crime Movies, Gangster Movies, Crime Dramas, Dramas, US Movies, Action & Adventure, Action Thrillers | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: It’s a realistic film. It’s not that of a great movie if you area Dwyane Johnson fan. You may like this film. It’s a very hypothetical story. Sometimes this movie makes you emotional that why a lot of people say that is a time pass film. But still, this is a good movie.