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Best Action Crime Movies On Netflix Right Now | Top 20 Crime-Action

Exciting Crime, Drama & Comedy Movies On Netflix Right Now
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Now I just finish Watching Mission Impossible fallout Movie. And I almost watch it more than 15 times. But I feel the same excitement as I see this film the first time. Because this film has really crazy stunts and action. Netflix offers us a good number of action film and I don’t know how many action films are there on Netflix. I think almost every kind of action movie available on Netflix.

That’s why I think about creating a 20 best action and crime movie list that is available on Netflix Amazon Prime and other online platforms.

Today we are not talking about old action movies like Terminator 2 (1991), Die Hard (1988), Hard Boiled (1992). This is the all-time best action movie. But now in 2019 Hollywood make much better movies with the help of new technology, Great VFX, Amazing Music, Special Effect and Famous Character. They make much better movies to watch. So people need new movies to stream.

That’s why we create this list of best crime action movies on Netflix and this movie also available on amazon prime. In our list, we just talking about new action movies like Zodiac, Furious series, Mission Impossible series, Crank and many others.

Let’s Make it,

“Popular Crime-Action Movies”

  • Pulp Fiction
  • Gangs of New York
  • Zodiac
  • The Dark Knight
  • Mission Impossible Fall-Out
  • Jack Reacher 2012
  • Crank 1
  • Furious 6
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle
  • Batman Begins
  • The Expendables 2010
  • The Bank Job
  • The Place Beyond The Pines
  • Inside Man
  • Lord Of War
  • Four Brothers
  • Redirected
  • The Newton Boys
  • Welcome to the punch

There are also more and more crime and action movies available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. We always update this list and more great movies.

I watch this movie more than one time and I always enjoy those films very much. I hope you guys also enjoy it.

Now its time to make a quick review of all this film. I know nobody starts watching this film because I told that it’s a great film. You guys always need more info before watching it. Let’s start with the Best Crime-Action film.

“Crime-Action Movies On Netflix and Amazon”

Pulp Fiction (1994):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 58m | Language: English | Director: Quentin Tarantino | Box office: 213.9 million USD | Budget: 8.5 million USD | Available: Amazon Netflix

Short Story Review: This movie is currently available on Netflix putting it number one I hate to be a little bit of a basic bitch with pulp fiction. But it really is that good yeah you could argue it’s not necessarily crime but it totally is it’s totally. It’s about criminals just like Reservoir Dogs it’s about criminals and it’s just a really unique perspective on crime and the lifestyle and men you know.

I don’t need to go on about this movie anybody read this article has seen Pulp Fiction more than once. If somehow you only have seen it once oh you’ve never seen it make it the first one you watch out of the recommendations. I’m giving you today it’s so interesting it’s so much fun it’s so quotable it’s just one of nutty but one of the most rewatchable movies ever made. When that came out other directors very good directors like Clint Eastwood are on the record as saying they knew this was the start of something new and different. They were totally right Tarantino’s still killing it.

Gangs of New York (2002):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 48min | Language: English | Director: Martin Scorsese | Box office: 193.8 million USD | Budget: 100 million USD | Available: Amazon Netflix

Short Story Review: This one’s easily my top 20 possibly top 15 not my top 10 of all time ever all genres and that’s Martin Scorsese’s gangs in New York love. This movie had to put it on the list and almost made number one but you’ll see why it didn’t in a minute. This one’s just so freaking cool the costumes and the production design is a little over the top.

It’s a little embellished Daniel day-lewis is bill the butcher is insane. It’s criminal that he didn’t get an Academy Award for this just like it’s criminal DiCaprio did not get an Academy Award for the Django Unchained that’s insane. But all that aside this movie’s really great it fizzles out a little bit for me. If you’ve seen it you kind of probably know what I’m talking about. But I just love the whole vibe of this movie I’d probably watch this movie.

Zodiac (2007):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 42min | Language: English, Hindi | Director: David Fincher | Box office: ‎$84.8 million USD | Budget: 65 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: A lot of suspense, action and serious film. The story of the film so unique. This movie based on a true story where a serial killer of San Francisco killed different people and called himself Zodiac. It’s an Action Crime Thriller film where Robert and Jake as a reporter and Mark Ruffalo as Police Officer. Three Marvel Characters in the Same Movie That cool.

The Dark Knight (2008):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 32min | Language: English, Hindi, Tamil | Director: Christopher Nolan | Box office: 1.005 billion USD | Budget: 180 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: This film directed by Christopher Nolan. Dc comic-based movie Dark Knight was the second part of Batman Series. Where Batman as Christian Bale tries to save Gotham city and the other hand Joker as Health Ledger tells people his emotional life story and kill innocent people. This is a real crime fight movie. The police of Gotham city and Batman they all try to stop Joker. A lot of action sense, emotional situation and sacrifice moment make this film best. Also The character development of Health Ledger as Joker really amazing and never forgettable.

Mission Impossible Fall-Out (2018):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 28min | Language: English | Director: Christopher McQuarrie | Box office: 791.1 million USD | Budget: 178 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: I don’t have to anything about this movie because you guys already see this film. Mission Impossible franchise made a great action crime adventure film since 2000. And Fall out is six-part of mission impossible series. And I really the film cast.

Jack Reacher (2012):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 10min | Language: English, Hindi | Director: Christopher McQuarrie | Box office: 218.3 million USD | Budget: 60 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: Mistry Thriller Crime-Action fight film jack reacher directed by Christopher McQuarrie. At the opening of the film, five random people were killed and police arrest an ex-military sniper. When the police interrogate him he just says “Get Jack Reacher”. Jack Reacher is an ex-army investigator. And he agrees to help this man. This is a suspenseful, Intense, Underrated action film.

Crank (2006):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 44min | Language: English | Director: Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor | Box office: 42.9 million USD | Budget: 12 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor make this super hit action film. And Jason Statham is perfect for this film. Chev Chelios him one morning he woke up his bed and a phone call from Kaylo. He told him he has been injected a poisoned. Now his doctor told him that if you stay alive you have to do exciting work. So Chev does everything that helps him to stay alive like the fight with police, car chasing, car chasing in a shopping mall, sex with his girlfriend in the middle of the rood and more. This film also Funny, intense, violent, hilarious and full of action.


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Furious (2013):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 11min | Language: English, Hindi, Tamil and more| Director: Justin Lin | Box office: 788.7 million USD | Budget: 160 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: This is the six-part of the furious series. Many famous character Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez and more. The movie is super and great because of Great Location, Action, Great special Effects, and character Strong Acting. The film’s story was pretty much the same as other furious film car chasing, fight with bad and good guys, Take care family, and the happy ending that brings a smile in your face.

Sherlock Holmes:

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 14min | Language: English, Hindi, Tamil and more | Director: Guy Ritchie | Box office: 524 million USD | Budget: 90 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: Another Crime Thriller Action film. This is a suspenseful film where Mark Strong as Lord Blackwood killed several men and women to prove that its a sacrifice. and one day he becomes an immortal. After he was Capture by great detective Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr) and Dr. Watson (Jude Law) the judge sentenced blackwood to killed by hand. But he came back after his death.


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Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 21min | Language: English | Director: Matthew Vaughn | Box office: 410.9 million USD | Budget: 140 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: Matthew Vaughn Directed this film. He is an amazing film director and produces other amazing films like Kick-Ass, X-men First Class, and famous Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels also Both Kingsman movies. Now talk about the Kingsman film its a spy film. A spy group called himself kingsman. At the starting of the film, kingsman was hacked and a bad girl called pappy she destroy all kingsman secret place and all agents. Likely Marlin and Eggsy alive and they try to find out who did this. So they team up with the statesman secret organization. This Movie is Lot of violent, and epic action moments that blow your mind. Also, this film is funny and hilarious.

Batman Begins (2005):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 20min | Language: English, Hindi, and More | Director: Christopher Nolan | Box office: 375.2 million USD | Budget: 150 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: After Bruce Wayne’s parents killed by a Robber, Bruce goes far away from his city where he meets Ra’s al Ghul. He trained him to teach him martial arts and made him a mysterious League of Shadows. Now he came back to his city and decided to clean up the city because the people of Gotham city has killed every day. So he wears a masked and team up with police commissioner Gordon and fights with bad guys who make this city worst. The movie is really amazing because of its unique origin story.

The Expendables (2010):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 10min | Language: English, Hindi | Director: Sylvester Stallone | Box office: 274.5 million USD | Budget: 80 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: A lot of guns, granite, dangerous weapons and many actions. It does not mean that it can’t entertain you. It has some an entertain funny moment all because of Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone. They both are the heart of the Expendables series. You guys enjoy this film if you love a lot of action.

Murder Mistry (2019):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 37min | Language: English | Director: Kyle Newacheck | Box office: $260.5m  million USD | Budget: Unknown | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: Another Netflix Mistry film. It not only a mystery film with a lot of suspense then you probably don’t know about this film. This film is so much funny amazing, hilarious situation and crime movie issue. The story about a lovely funny cop and his wife, their long Europe trip story where they somehow involved a murder. It is a really amazing film to watch right now on Netflix.

The Bank Job (2008):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 52m | Language: English, Hindi | Director: Roger Donaldson | Box office: 64.8 million USD | Budget: 20 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: A good start movie film. I really don’t sure this film available on Netflix. This film starts with Planning. Planning for a robbery. This not a great robbery movie but it exciting and well enough to watch.

The Place Beyond The Pines (2012):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 20min | Language: English, Hindi | Director: Derek Cianfrance | Box office: 47 million USD | Budget: 17 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: Now this one is really just sort of a slower indie movie Ryan Gosling has got a really great role in it. It’s another one of his roles where he doesn’t talk much. He’s really good at like a moaning with his eyes he’s very good at that. He’s great in this he’s a little different than his dr character. But this one’s got a lot of you know emotional power. It’s a lot about sort of father-son relationships that’s ultimately what it’s about but Ray Liotta Bradley Cooper Eva Mendes huge cast. If he somehow missed this one and you’re like hearing everything I’m saying about you like. How did I miss this movie Aegeus it’s a smaller movie it didn’t play a lot of places.

Inside man (2006):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 9min | Language: English, Hindi | Director: Spike Lee | Box office: 184.4 million USD | Budget: 45 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: A lot of people like this one you might even be surprised to hear. It was done by Spike Lee cuz it does not look or feel like a Spike Lee movie. But cool bank heist movie awesome twist very interesting the way everything plays out. It’s very well-paced I think it’s one of Spike Lee’s better-directed movies. You know kind of post-90s era Spike Lee he’s really kind of my opinion been struggling as a director sort of like telling a story. He just doesn’t have what he had in the 90s but this one is just very tight. There’s not really any missing pieces it fits together really well. I really like it like a bank heist movie it’s got a lot of qualities like a sort of an older sort of throwback movie just set in the modern-day.

Lord of War (2005):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 3min | Language: English, Hindi | Director: Andrew Niccol | Box office: 72.6 million USD | Budget: 42 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: To me, this movie is like the Goodfellas of arms dealers and that is lord of war. This is quite possibly Nicolas Cage’s last good movie and it’s a solid movie. I’ve watched this one a bunch of times I love it. Nicolas Cage is great in it I just hate to see what’s happened to him. I wish he was still doing work like this Jared Leto’s got a really cool appearance in it. You only see him a couple of times but it’s a cool appearance.

Four Brothers (2005):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 49min | Language: English, Hindi | Director: John Singleton | Box office: 92.5 million USD | Budget: 40 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: we’re gonna go with ones that a lot of people saw back when it came out. And kind of forgot about it. If you somehow miss this one I highly recommend four brothers. This one stars Mark Wahlberg and it’s got a huge cast. It’s got some solid little action sequences a couple of fight sequences a really cool shootout. It doesn’t necessarily go where you think it’s gonna go you know it’s not a home run but it’s a solid crime movie.

Redirected (2014):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 55min | Language: English | Director: Emilis Velyvis | Box office: 1.8 million USD | Budget: 2.7 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: I’m gonna go with one that I really really like from the UK it’s called redirected. And it’s got Vinnie Jones in it. It’s kind of like a Guy Ritchie inspired. It’s not an action movie but it’s one of those stories where the main character like starts to get into trouble and then things get worse and worse and worse. But if you like the Guy Ritchie vibe this one’s a winner. It’s not as good as Guy Ritchie’s original works but definitely inspired by it and they did a good job with it.

The Newton Boys (1998):

Film Info: Runtime: 2h 2min | Language: English | Director: Richard Linklater | Box office: 10.45 million USD | Budget: 27 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: This one has been on Netflix for a really long time. It’s probably gonna remain on Netflix starts Matthew McConaughey Ethan Hawke is in it. It’s got a big cast and it is a just cool bank robbery 1920s. You know Prohibition-era flick you know it’s a little dated now. But if you liked Johnny Depp in Public Enemies this one’s in the same vein its pg-13 so it’s a little softer. If you like that sort of era you’re really gonna like this movie a lot. Or If you don’t really have any sort of you know specific interest in that era. You could probably pass on this one. But it is a good crime flick.

Welcome to the punch (2013):

Film Info: Runtime: 1h 39min | Language: English | Director: Eran Creevy | Box office: 1.1 million GBP | Budget: 8.5 million USD | Available: Netflix

Short Story Review: Now this is a movie from the UK. It’s only a few years old. It stars James McAvoy and Mark Strong. It looks great it looks like you’re gonna see something almost on the level of heat. Which says a lot it kind of starts off with a big promise and it just never delivers on it. But it’s still pretty solid and because it received you know negative reviews a lot of people haven’t seen it. So this is a pretty good one that you probably haven’t seen.


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